Increase Opportunities with
Salesforce Focused PPC

Focused on Salesforce Data

We optimize paid search using Salesforce data an approach which gives your company a major competitive advantage. To fully benefit from this unique optimization, you simply need to have Sales convert leads to opportunities. Our process unlocks a powerful feedback-loop from Sales-to-Marketing which provides you with detailed information about which type of leads to buy. We then use this data to get more opps.

Why is this process so important?

99% of PPC agencies focus on leads and their processes use AdWords Conversion data to make the majority of their buying decisions. The reality is that AdWords Conversion data has a very low correlation with revenue. We know this because we’ve run many regressions, all resulting in the same low R-squared. This is why we focus on opportunities, pipeline & wins. We track every PPC lead and opportunity.

Lead-to-Opportunity Sales Process

Our clients love us because we deliver the results we promise and it is our innovative process which makes this possible. We only work with clients that use Salesforce to convert leads to opportunities, which can be done via automated workflows or by physically converting leads. This allows us to be the only PPC agency that focuses on opportunities.

Pipeline Marketing

Pipeline Marketing is a new concept in digital marketing that focuses what happens to a lead after it has been created. This is a highly beneficial approach because different types of leads convert to opportunities at different rates. For example, some PPC leads convert to opportunity at 20%, while others convert at 1%. To learn more about your revenue, we follow your PPC leads through your funnel.