PPC Optimization
Your Competitors Aren’t Doing

Focused on Salesforce Data

Traditional PPC optimization is outdated and ineffective. Anyone can increase leads. You need to know which keywords drive opportunities, and the only real way to do this is by integrating Google AdWords & Bing Ads with Salesforce via an API.

Our unique PPC service specializes in getting 100% of your paid search data inside Salesforce. We then use your backend data to increase opportunities. How deep do we go? We track all leads and opportunities by: campaign, adgroup, keyword, landing page, ad, device, country, and city. It doesn’t get any deeper than that!

Optimizations Include

All optimizations include a team of Pipeline Marketers that have experience with Salesforce, AdWords, and Bing. ClosedOpp has a company goal that each client sees results within three months, but many of our clients see results within two. What do we mean by results? We mean more opportunities and pipeline! That’s right, our optimization doesn’t focus on leads; we focus on increasing opportunities, pipeline and revenue.

  • Weekly meetings with your Advisor
  • Full management of AdWords and Bing
  • Landing page customization targeting the keywords being searched
  • Keyword Targeting – Customized keyword strategy based on your company and budget
  • Detailed lead and opportunity reports for campaigns, adgroups, keywords, landing pages and ads
  • Landing page A/B testing
  • Monthly testing of ad copy using Salesforce data
  • Weekly lead and opportunity reports
  • Pipeline reports showing pipeline from paid search
  • Negative Keywords: planning, optimization and ongoing oversight
  • Search Term Report: We show you all of the keywords you’ve purchased
  • We track 100% of your paid search data in Salesforce. If for whatever reason leads do not have attrbution data, we reach out to Bizible to learn how to fix this problem.
  • and much more…