Get 100% of Your Search Data
Inside Salesforce

There are two ways to integrate AdWords & Bing with Salesforce

The Wrong Way

Custom URLs (non-API)

You can integrate AdWords and Bing with Salesforce by using custom URLs via the Google URL builder. There are a number of affordable tools to do so. For companies that spend less than $10,000 per month on paid search, this may be an economical way to see which campaigns and adgroups drive Salesforce leads. However, this integration has limitations and isn’t recommended.

The problem with this integration is in the quality of data you add to Salesforce. With this method, you’re limited to campaign and adgroup data. In addition to this, you would also need a different custom URL for every keyword match type, if your goal is to track your leads by keyword. If you want to track multiple landing pages and ads, your tracking would then become too complicated to manage. Even if you got everything right, you would still only track 60% of your PPC leads with this method.

The ClosedOpp Way

API Between AdWords and Salesforce

The best way to integrate Google and Bing with Salesforce is to use an API. This is where Bizible comes in. Bizible uses Adwords and Bing APIs to populate custom objects inside Salesforce. Their attribution tool has been validated to get 99% of your attribution data right. Their app then ties your marketing attribution data to the lead record, opportunity record, contact record, and account record. This means that you are able to track all opportunities from lead to revenue. By working with us, you can be the first in your industry to have a detailed understanding of what keywords drive revenue helping you to stand out from your competitors.

Bizible is included with budgets greater than $60,000